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Hello, my name is Mario and I am very happy to welcome you to my newly designed website!


Meine nächste Ausstellung | Als Gastkünstler bei Zarifa Art Kunstagentur |
Kunsthalle Köln |
Aachener Straße 220 |
50931 Köln | 16 - 30. September 2024

I love painting and the creativity that I get to express. When other people like to look at my pictures and discover things that I didn't even know were there, it fills me deeply.


My hand-painted murals give the rooms a very individual flair and give the whole thing a personal touch .

The special individual pieces speak for their uniqueness and an intense color vibrancy gives the feeling of comfort . 

Only when I feel this sense of well-being do I see the picture as complete.


I design all of my abstract motifs with the finest artist acrylic paint, in which the high pigmentation expresses an intense color vibrancy . In addition, I use high-quality 3D canvases on a wooden stretcher frame, on which the color effect and the image motif are even more in the focus of the viewer. The 3cm strong side edges are also painted and therefore - for the picture hanging supplied on the back - a framing can be omitted.


The unique works are designed by me with the greatest care and a lot of passion and that's exactly why I like to take you with me on my journey into the world of colors and abstract art . Take a look and convince yourself of my work in the picture gallery and hopefully share the joy with me.


The unique pieces are not only suitable for your home , your loved ones will also appreciate this personal gift idea .


With a certificate of authenticity that I supply with every picture, I guarantee that it is unique.

If the picture doesn't meet your expectations or you notice that it doesn't really fit into the space, you can return it free of charge without giving a reason and get a full refund of the purchase price. NO IFS AND BUTS!

​​ So you are on the safe side, as I offer you a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.


So that the all-round carefree package is perfect, I make free delivery within Germany and of course the exchange or return is free of charge.


For my heart project, 10% of the sales proceeds go to the Robert Enke Foundation.


Why do I offer the all-round carefree package?

Very simple, because I stand behind my painting 100% and I would like to share my joy with you.

Now I invite you to take a virtual look around, browse through the categories and if you have any questions or criticism, please contact me.



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