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artist certification since 2022

My official artist price was determined by Artmajeur and in cooperation with AKOUN, the world market leader for art market information since 1985 and their certified art appraisal experts. The assessment of an expert - auctioneer - also flows into the certification, just like in a public auction.

​The art expert Jacques-Armand AKOUN works on the evaluation and certification of artist values published in his famous reference work -AKOUN "LA COTE DES PEINTRES"- for contemporary artists. AKOUN's art guides and art databases are consulted by art professionals, galleries, artists and art lovers worldwide.


Artmajeur presents a selection of the best art galleries from around the world. Art galleries use Artmajeur to introduce their artists to a wide audience of art lovers. Since I successfully completed the admissions process to the art gallery, my works are now listed there.

artist value

The artist value is based on an average value in relation to a format of

65 cm x 50 cm for paintings and allows a comparison among artists.

I am very happy about the certification!

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